Sunday, January 22, 2012

Balsa Wood Boxes!!!

I know many of us out there ,has one time or another encounter that great find!!
Those Balsa wood boxes at Michaels.
I can't help but purchase as much of what is left over in those bins and hoard them. But finally I started to make several of them as "quick" gifts for family or friends.

A gift always appreciated, because of the work and detail I put into these little treasure boxes. Here are a few of my little inspirations.

This year I will try to post more on here. To start with, I will show the work I have been doing since October 2011. Above photo is my Romantic Skull tag. The skeleton is a rubber stamp from Lost Coast Design. This is by far my favorite stamp image, and you will see a lot in my work,

This is a small shadow box Catrina Skull. She is wearing a straw hat filled with paper flowers I made with my miniature flower punches and I used some I am Roses mini roses.
Loved how this one came out, vintage feel and romantic at the same time.

This miniature wood canvas shows a skull with a headband filled with I am roses and Wild Orchid flowers. I wanted to do a 1920's skull and gave it a twist using my paper clay hand holding a flower in honor of the diseased.

The hand has a ring and button that is a rhinestone from a Karlas001 bling trim. I love her products because there are so versatile.