Sunday, August 12, 2012

Creepy, Vintage and Shabby Chic Mini Coffins.

    Hi, I am back.  I had a busy July, moving to a new apartment and settling in takes time, but I finally got the chance to get back to my artwork. I have been checking Michaels stores every week for their 99 cent coffins.
    I decided to make themed coffins. I made a Marie Antoinette coffin, a vampire one and King Tut coffins. Had fun trying to figure out how to decorate the coffins in the most realistic way possible.

   So here is my Marie Antoinette coffin. I used Martha Stewart pearl pain in pink, some distress ink to aged it up and some squirts of LindStampgang sprays. The hands holding up the bouquet and the angel are made out of paper clay, Inside I sewn a cushion pink bedding for my tulle dressed skeleton of Marie.

 I dressed the bottom with fringed ribbon and heart shape pearl trim. The feet of the coffin are just silver beads.

Pearl trim decorated the rim of each side of the coffin and hand sewn cushion satin fabric and pearl beads.

Finishing off the shabby look.

My Dracula coffin sprayed with LindyStampgang  sprays and decorated with IamRoses papre roses and flowers.

Paper clay hand is painted with Gold Lumiere acrylic paint and lace cuffed decorated with a rhinestone trim.

Again, hand sewn cushion velvet padding and a R.I.P. sign in the inside cover
Four paper clay gold painted hands, hold up the coffin like "feet".

Love how this gives it a creepy look to the coffin.

Dracula is a black glitter skeleton that has silk cuffs and pearl necklace.

He laying upon a burgundy velvet padding that is hand sewn with gold beads to tie in the whole "creepy" vampire vibe.

A better view of the details.

I decided to a Kind Tuts coffin just to change it p a bit and try something totally different.
I do have a collection of molds, stamps and pieces of embellishments that are Egyptian themed.  
 Had a lot fun creating this one. Thanks for watching.