Monday, May 14, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Projects 2011 to 2012

 If there is one subject I am keen about, it is Alice in Wonderland. I love the story, I have a DVD collection of several Alice movies. They mark a certain time in my childhood. I truly believed there was a Wonderland when I was little girl.

Still inspired today, I have done several art projects on Alice's adventures, from mini albums,shadowboxes, greeting cards and jewelry. I simply love the creepy, weird and the bizarre of the characters in the story.

This shadowbox I made out of chipboard and used the paper collection Sweet Nectar from K and Company. I punched out butterflies using the Martha Stewart monarch punch. I placed the butterflies on coiled wire, so when you move the shadowbox the butterflies flutter.

Alice is all paper pieced and adorned in tiny pearls. Measures approximately 6 x 6. Used I am Roses and an acrylic light blue flower. Used also some plastic ferns and flowers. Love this box.

Here is another shadow box, but this closes like a book. I added the white rabbit. I leaft the frame empty, because it is meant to be given as a gift. Size  of the shadow box book is 8' x8".

 I also made an Alice in Wonderland Mini album. I made the entire album myself. All the characters and hand drawn and paper pieced. It took a while to finish this album, This is the front cover.
Backside of the front cover,  another Alice I drew colored and made her dress complete with paper lace.

The famous door that Alice tries to go through. I made the table and placed a "Drink Me" bottle and that key. You can actually open the door. I made a pop up garden, miniature scale. Really cute.
Evey little critter, flower or leaf is made out of my collection of miniature paper punches. The water is paper I found at Michaels which is an photo of a lake. Love how this came out.
Alice can not resist the little "Eat Me" cakes. So made several out of paper clay. I put Alice on a slider card, so when you pull her head up , she grows. Really fun.

                    I love her dress on this one and making the tiny pastries,
 Of course this mini album would not be complete without the white rabbit. This page contains two tags.           

                                                    Close up of the rabbit in his coat.

Tea Party page. Made three tags, each of the famous characters sitting on their chairs.

My favorite, The Mad Hatter.

The Door mouse.

The Crazy Hare.

 The Red Queen page, with it two tags. One for the King and the other for the Queen.
Last page is the Chesire Cat. I made it's head out of paper clay and mulberry paper.

I hope you enjoyed my artwork. It took a month or two to finish. Mostly on how to develop the pages. Once I got the idea, then the rest was easy. Love this mini album,  and thanks for visiting my  blog.


  1. W.O.W. !!! Amazing work, design & detail. So inventive. Just fabulous x

  2. It is FA-BU-LOUS ! Both clever and beautiful. It will be a marvelous gift for a very lucky person :)